Everyone has declared a resolution, whether it's at New Year’s or at an important point in their life. I'm not a self-help expert but I can tell you that from personal experience, setting the same goal time and time again and coming up short for different reasons will make you want to shove a samurai sword in your gut. For me personally, I cancel everything in a moment like this and resign myself to my dining room table with a legal pad and literally get back to the basics. I recently started reading a book by Devan Kline entitled Stop Starting Over. The great thing about this book is that it pertains to fitness transcending other aspects of your life. It discusses practices and exercises to rid yourself of the cycle of repeating your strategies that are failing you and leaving you feeling helpless. For me, it’s been about my career and what I want out of it and the rest of my home life as well. It’s very easy to not become complacent but rather unaware of your misdirection in a professional sense, and personal as well. Imagine finishing a degree you liked but never briskly walked to class for, getting a job that paid your bills but you didn’t mind leaving early, and always being ok with hitting the snooze button on your alarm. I can tell you right now that I’ve been there. And it culminates in one hell of an ornery breakfast eventually. I’ve never abused scrambled eggs that way before. So now I'm being methodical in my approach, sitting down to write my thoughts down from the day before and to set my intentions for the day before I touch any task. One of the hardest parts of improvement is taking the hard kick in the ass from your mentor, your coach, or your significant other. I take all three about twice a week. And it can be hard to receive the hard but necessary advice the right way. You can't be mad at the people who want you to succeed. So far, the evidence is incontrovertible that if you’re setting your intentions every morning and working to meet them and approaching the day with some level of exuberance, chances are you’re going to reach at least part of your daily goal. And there’s always tomorrow. If you're feeling like you need a reset, clear up your day, put all other stimuli away and sit down and write what you're trying to do, what's going to make you happy, and don't stress about the steps too much. Set your mark and just get started and be ready to not have to  do this again.