Mark Morton, Jr.

Guitar, Vocal performance


Performer, composer and educator with eight years of relevant experience in the associated fields. Objectives include the desire to pursue progressive themes in contemporary music as well as pay homage to the Great American Songbook. Strong sense of musicianship and ability to adapt to certain musical desires of a client or bandleader. Preaches educating the ear in tandem with technique as well as part writing early in education.





Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance                                                    Mount Berry, GA

Minor in Business Administration

Berry College

·       Award for outstanding contribution to the Berry College Jazz Ensemble


Professional Experience


·       Solo composition for marimba

·       Blues and R&B

·       Exercises in contrafact

·       Jazz composition and arrangement

·       Pop



·       Solo performances throughout Georgia and North Carolina

·       Jazz

·       Pop

·       Blues

·       Big Band

·       Study and performance of “New Standards” and the concepts explored by Fred Sturm

Through study and arrangement, I have performed the music of groups such as Radiohead as well as Foo Fighters in a big band setting in the study of Fred Sturm and his “New Standards”


·       Troy Roberts

·       Alex Norris

·       Kenyon Carter


·       Work with full ensembles at the high school and middle school level

·       Emphasis on music theory education and holistic empowerment in musicianship

·       Developed independent curriculum for AP Music Theory

·       Work with theory of new reasoning in music theory approach

·       Experience in private guitar education and music theory


Additional skills


·       Marimba performance

·       Basic piano proficiency